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BS 76000

Show your commitment to a valued workforce with an effective people management system.

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Improve your working relationship with your people

In today’s environment, the spotlight is being shone on wellbeing and mental health, particularly in the workplace. More and more, organisations are being asked to consider how they can improve the working environment for their employees – after all, a happy workforce is a successful one, which is why it’s never been more important to show your commitment to your staff.

BS 76000 is the British Standard for effective people management. It’s a public statement that you care about the people that work for you, and that your business is a great place to be.

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How can BS 76000 help your business?

This standard is great for any organisation, large or small. It’s particularly useful if you require an independent third party review of your engagement with employees.

Build strong relationships with your employees – You’ll learn how to effectively manage, develop and value your staff, gaining a deep understanding of the way they work and how to get the best from them.

Increase job satisfaction – These strong relationships built through your people management system have positive effects. Staff will be happier with the work they do, and you’ll see a considerable boost in morale.

Position yourself as an employer of choice – When your staff are singing your praises, word tends to get around. You’ll be seen as a great place to work, which will have a positive impact on recruitment.

In addition to implementing an effective people management system, this standard will also:

  • Improve equality and diversity management

  • Reduce staff recruitment costs

  • Improve individual or collective performance

What happens next?


We know it can seem a bit daunting to take the next step – our auditors understand as they have been through the same journey
with so many clients. But it’s easier than you might think, and we’ll be here to guide you through it. Just fill in the application form,
and a member of our team will be in touch to give you a personal quote.

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